Self-Care and Cosplay!

Con season is about to be in full swing! For many a cosplayer that means things like conventions every other weekend along with the many parties and meetups that go with it. How does one keep from losing their head when it seems like con crunch is perpetual state of being and your wallet begs […]

Add Value To Your Customers

Hello, busy business bee! Today, I’m sharing quick tips and ideas to help entrepreneurs add value to their customers. My name is Mandi Farrell and I’m the owner of a small business called Crafty Cats. I create bath and home products then use part of the profits to help animals, inspire youth, and support artists. […]

Product Reviews

I am a sucker for trying anything new. It’s not only a lot of fun to receive packages in the mail, but you also get to learn more about why someone backs a product by simply enjoying it yourself. So today, I’m sharing 6 products along with honest reviews. I am not being paid nor […]